Re: different scales(Likert and rank scales)

churmakov@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi everyone! I have got a question that probably was answered already
somewhere. However, I could not find a simple answer. I have two set of

data, where the same products were rated by shop owners and customers.
All I want to do is to compare them... The problem is that Customers
ranked products i.e. they put them in the order of importance for them
( bread -10, milk - 9 , ... salt- 1). Shop owners answers are based on
5-point Likert scale... So is there any standard procedure to convert
them into one scale? Thank you very much for you time

No, there is no standard procedure to convert rankings and Likert-scale
ratings to a common scale. About the best you can do is correlate the
two. (Use Pearson or Kendall; Spearman is contraindicated by the small
number of categories, and the resulting large number of ties, in the
Likert data.)