Re: save file with coefficient statistics with logistic regressions and using Spss for conditional maximum likelyhood

tobiasbroeders@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Help needed.
Currently I am writing my master thesis about Merger and Acquisitions
(M&A) and in this context I am using SPSS for a Logistic regression.

---- snip a lot of detail ----

It seems to work, however with normal linear regressions you have the
option to save the coefficient statistics in a separate file and this
can be used to make histograms. I want to make histograms of the
parameter estimates of the 100 sample files. How can I do this with

I hope that somebody can help me.

Tobias Broeders
RSM Erasmus University

Questions about SPSS should go to comp.soft-sys.stat.spss. You're more likely to get help there.

If you have a recent enough version of SPSS, you can use the Output Management System (OMS) to a file any output that would ordinarily appear in a pivot table in the output window. Here's an example that sends the table of coefficients from logistic regression to an SPSS data file.

/IF COMMANDS = ['Logistic Regression']
SUBTYPES = ['Variables in the Equation']
OUTFILE = "C:\Path\regression coefficients.sav".

Each time you run a logistic regression, the table of coefficients will be appended to that file, until you issue a command to terminate OMS (OMSend).

Then it's a simple matter of opening the file of coefficients, and doing a bit of data management to get what you need.

Bruce Weaver