Re: Inverted fluo for cell culture: Olympus, Zeiss or China ?

"David" <sipka1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> GTO wrote:
>> 15k$ for an inverted fluorescence microscope isn't enough when you intent
>> to buy new with a decent imaging device.
> Luckily, I got hold of the Spot RT 2.2.2 camera which with (albeit older
> version) Image Pro SW should be good enough for some time. So I can devote
> the whole budget on the scope, as I answered Kevin, e.g. the Axiovert 40
> fits in.
> I am surprised that
>> Nikon asked for more than Olympus for a comparable system. I found Nikon
>> to be cheaper in the US.
> I probably should compare apple to apple. Would you agree that the frame
> of Axiovert 40, Oly IX41 and Nikon 100 are in the same category ? Then the
> Oly IX51 is a step higher, so I should not be surprised that the whole
> setup costs more. Are the fluorite (probably semi-apo) objectives
> comparable between companies or does one has an edge ?
> David

David, Wow, great questions! The Olympus 51 is a purely electronic 'scope.
The 41 is a mechanical 'scope. If you want to do things like confocal you
need the 51, it just works better. The same goes for Nikon. In the future
there will be no mechanical 'scopes, everything will be electronic, prices
for electronics are getting cheaper.

The Zeiss DIC is a version of DIC not related to Nomarski which has problems
with plastic. From what I've heard its closer to Hoffman Modulation.
Remember that DIC was around before Dr. Hoffman, he just invented a great
version. Remember Francone-Yamamoto DIC?

Everyones objectives are very close. The Zeiss objectives that stand out
are the Plan Flourites, there just great. Their Plan Achromats are OK but I
don't get worked up about them. The big advantage of the Zeiss Flourites is
they adapt to water immersion which offers some advantages depending on what
you are working with.

Whether you do business with a dealer or direct depends on were you are
located. Invariably you will have one dealer for each product though if you
have any dealers.

Kevin Cunningham


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